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We know that data and technology have the power to create social good. Advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data are transforming the velocity, magnitude, and workflow of social change efforts. Yet, there are risks too. As with any tool new tech can be used for ill or for good. Our central aim is to harness the benefits, while limiting the risks. We think this begins with helping young people to better understand available technology and data. In that process, we aim to prepare the next generation for an evolving philanthropic landscape.


Members of the AIMS Philanthropy board help young people harness the power of data and technology for good.


AIMS is actively seeking board members who are any of the following: professionals already employed in the, students currently enrolled in school, scientists such as academic faculty or industry scientists. 


Please indicate your board member role in the form to the left, and select at least one of the possible board member activities, and/or suggest your own in the comment field.


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